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100+ Different Workshops

Our line-up of Indigenous elders, guardians, creative artists, musicians, healers, and many other diverse facilitators, collectively offer more than 100 different uplifting workshops. These workshops allow you to journey into a weekend of remembrance, assisted by vibrational healing sounds, ancient tones and activations transporting us into higher dimensions within our Being so we can re-connect with Heaven on Earth. Each day will bring about new experiences through creative arts, cultural/wisdom talks, insights from healers, music and dance, sustainability and the environment, and lots of family and kids activities in creative play.  No matter what you engage in you will be transforming your conscious and subconscious Being with each day culminating in a joyous musical celebration to unite everyone into the same space.

“Culture is the intersection of People and Life itself. It’s how we deal with Life, Love, Death, Birth, and Disappointment…all of that is expressed in CULTURE”

An opportunity to adopt new perspectives through exploring the inner secrets  from wisdom keepers shared by several indigenous cultures having a presence at the festival. Learn from each traditional lineage how we are all connected and already embody these natural elements;  water, fire, earth, and air, opening the space to activate within us to enable a collective transformational social change.


Mother Earth is our source of all creation that sustains our life here, she is the embodiment of healing powers when we connect with her, assisting us to transform energy to heal and re calibrate ourselves as well as Mother Earth. This is a reciprocal exchange, we are all naturally abundant.

If you feel intrinsically drawn to nature,  have a deep love and appreciation of nature reverberating to your innermost core,  feeling this connection to everyone and everything around you – then you are embracing your own nature and care deeply about how to protect and conserve our natural environment. Our Presenters will  enlighten you with new awareness about our environments, how to be with,  to evolve new solutions, to embody a more sustainable and harmonious world for the entire community to bring balance and harmony back into the space.


Bundles of joy bursting with enthusiasm, kids are carriers of our current culture and ancestors from in their hearts allowing future generations to flourish in harmony.  This festival has a responsibility to allow inspiration to spring forth and to support and strengthen our future generation to stay connected with all aspects of life; being to all beings, humans, animals, nature, and all the elements learning through personal interaction and play – retaining their innate understanding and awareness.  Families and children will have magical uplifting experiences.

Children under 16 years – FREE entry to the festival!


It is when we are grounded and healthy in mind, body and spirit that our life becomes prosperous and everything manifests naturally.  We are able to give with more love and gratitude, and in return will receive in abundance.

Through our gifted and skilled intuitive healers you be guided to delve further into your psyche opening the channels for therapeutic healing and alignment for your  well-being.  Exploring aspects of yourself through sound, massage, aromatherapy, energy (vibrations), nutrition, movement, meditation, kinesiology, play and nature.   Many varieties of modalities being shared here and now by our presenters and facilitators.


A space to experience freedom, to let your hair down and embrace your creative and imaginative expression through music, art, and movement or stillness.

Creative Arts workshops to allow you to completely embrace your mind, body and senses while learning new skills and knowledge on how we can re-connect this to our being in every moment.


Music, Dance, Movement, Sounds soothe the Soul and at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival we have just the right selection of eclectic artists and facilitators who will get your body and spirit flowing with the vibes being offered to assist with re calibration and joy.  You will have the time and space to embark on sound journeys to feel your full potential.