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Join us at the 2018 Voices of Sacred Festival where together we will be ‘Awakening Your Inner Song’.

The Voices of Sacred Earth Festival is an Eco-Festival, gathering hundreds of people together for a weekend of seminars, transformational workshops and performances focusing on indigenous cultures, Earth wisdom, sacred ceremony, well-being and social change.

Indigenous cultures throughout the world have maintained a reciprocal relationship with the Earth; they have protected the sacred sites and are wisdom keepers for the modern world. This wisdom and knowledge is being shared and remembered within many people. The foundations of a new consciousness is now birthed to a new awareness from these ancestral wisdom to evolve new solutions, to embody a more sustainable and harmonious world for the entire community, our Global Family.

It’s all about re-connection with the self, others and Mother Earth!

This is New Zealand’s unique chance to experience indigenous leaders, visionaries and inspirational speakers, healers, practitioners, artists and musicians, all co-creating and harmonising in one place at one time!

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival provides the space for Indigenous healing from many cultures and perspectives. Sharing knowledge and the power of all the elements, demonstrating how we are all connected to water, fire, earth and air. We will gather together and celebrate through the ceremonies being offered during this weekend festival.

You will have the chance to journey into remembrance with vibrational healing sounds, ancient tones and teachings which activate and transport us into higher dimensions within our Being, enabling us to connect with Heaven on Earth.

More than 100 inspiring workshops – leading international wisdom keepers, ancient earth based traditions, indigenous world music and healing ceremonies.

Come and learn how to make a tangible difference in your personal lives and larger communities with insights and practical solutions for personal and social improvements.

Kids & Creative Play


Bundles of joy bursting with enthusiasm, kids are carriers of our current culture and ancestors from in their hearts allowing future generations to flourish in harmony.  This festival has a responsibility to allow inspiration to spring forth through personal interaction and play

Music & Dance


Music, Dance, Movement, Sounds soothe the Soul and at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival we have just the right selection of eclectic artists and facilitators who will get your body and spirit flowing with the vibes being offered to assist with re calibration and joy.

100+ Different Workshops


Our line-up of Indigenous elders, guardians, creative artists, musicians, healers, and many other diverse facilitators, collectively offer more than 100 different uplifting workshops for you to journey into a weekend of remembrance.

40+ Market Stalls

Market Village

We are featuring stalls at the festival with a diverse range of products ranging from crystals to clothes, and much more. There will also be lots of information stalls from numerous different natural healers.

Mother Earth


Mother Earth is our source of all creation that sustains our life here, she is the embodiment of healing powers when we connect with her, assisting us to transform energy to heal and re calibrate ourselves as well as Mother Earth. This is a reciprocal exchange, we are all naturally abundant.

Fresh Vegetarian Food


Each meal is lovingly prepared by our in-house chef Jaynee. She daily sources homegrown or locally grown Organic ingredients first. Each meal is lovingly prepared and presented to excite your experience at Kawai Purapura as being unforgettable.