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Project Description


For over 17 years Will has been doing Energy healing with the help of ascended masters and angelic beings, Past Life healing through energetically connecting with your higher self, Pleiadian Lightwork healing to consciously clear contracts and cords you have with others from your shakras, as well as beliefs that rule your life from an unconscious level, clearing of implants and more, and private sound healing/sound journeys for groups. His private clinic room is in Titirangi, Auckland.

Check out www.raysoflight.nz for more info about his work.

During “Healing Sound Journeys” he channels high frequency energy and “weaves” that into the sound waves of the Gong, Tibetan Bowls, Shaman Drum, Sansula and more.  The result is a deep cleansing and re-calibration of the energies in your body, on physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Will also facilitates “Sound Baths” where Tibetan bowls are placed on and around your body, for profound healing and relaxation. Always accompanied by Angelic beings and Ascended Masters.

Email:  wclijsen@gmail.com
Website:  www.raysoflight.nz

Session 1: Shamanic Healing Sound journey

A deeply relaxing, uplifting and healing experience. Will takes you on an inner journey with his voice, crystal and Tibetan bowls, a shaman drum, a gong and more, weaving healing energy into the sacred sound vibrations.