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Project Description


Carole and Grace present Death Café –  Modern culture world-wide has to varying degrees relinquished the natural family practices around dying, death and grief.  We have become unfamiliar with dying and death, even as we understand that no one has yet managed to live forever!   Just as the baby boomers changed how we approached marriage and childbirth, their influence on death care practices is also beginning to be felt.  A Death café is an opportunity to share as a diverse group of ages and cultures, our insights and global wisdom on this subject.    Underpinning everything is the simple fact that death is a part of life.  It is natural and it is ok to talk about it.  There is no agenda , objectives or themes, it is a simple held  conversation  space on dying, death and living, over the very normal pastime of drinking coffee and eating cake! 

Carole Spice
Carole is an Interfaith Minister, a Funeral Celebrant and Holistic Massage therapist. Her ministry has developed around her interest in the end of days, dying, death, funerals and the honouring of the bones of our ancient ones.  Drawing from her experiences in the funeral industry and as a hospice volunteer, she is a whole-hearted advocate for education, support and awareness around dying and death in the 21st century.

Grace McGregor
Grace is currently living in Tauranga and works as a privacy editor for the Ministry of Social Development. She is a marriage celebrant and Montessori and State trained teacher. Recently back from living in India Grace has been practicing a meditation yoga for the past 25 years. She has been facilitating Death Cafes with Carole Spice in Tauranga for the last 6 months and is passionate about information sharing and allowing choices and empowerment around end of life.


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Session 1 & 2:  Death Café

If you are intrigued, curious, wondering what it is all about, come along.  Death Café is a simple open conversation space where talking about dying, death and life is welcomed.  None of us is getting out of this alive, let’s explore together, bring your curiosity and your sense of humour.