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Project Description


Alyse Young is an Energy Intuitive and Shaman. She recently returned to NZ after living and working as a facilitator of healing in Australia, Hawaii, NZ and currently here at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre.

Living a Soul’s Journey, Alyse received a calling to live in a remote valley in Kauai, Hawaii for 5 years, living with nature, in a tent, cooking by fire, drinking and bathing in Spring waters and the river, gardening and communing with nature.  During her time there she experienced illuminating expansion of consciousness. Being in nature, she learned how all the elements co-operate with our intentions in a magical way.  It is her soul’s purpose to share this consciousness as we move into 5th dimensional life to embrace our multi-dimensional Being, to BE it by living it. It’s more simple than we realise! Magic is a natural state of our Being.

Alyse facilitates energy healing, by interpreting personal energy, the dynamics of energy, then translating it into the language of emotions and feelings, working with the inner child and Higher Self. She works with the consciousness behind all dysfunctions and dis-ease of the body, mind and Spirit.

Alyse has been working and living as an Intuitive for over 20 years. She is committed to her Soul’s journey living as a sovereign Being. This is her soul’s purpose to share with others, to encourage self awareness, acceptance, empowerment and self healing. Creating and living in Love, Joy, Truth and Freedom.

Alyse’s experience includes

  • Energy Intuitive Facilitator
  • Inner Child healing
  • Workshops for re-connection to the Soul, Higher Self and Innate Body, introducing the multi-dimensional body and Crystalline Grid, and facilitating Shamanic Journeys and Sound Healing meditations.
  • Shaman – Soul retrieval, Ghostbusting (taking souls through), De-possessions
  • Pleiadian Energy Light Work and Theta Healing (DNA reprogramming and activations)

Embracing the Global Family means Re-Connecting Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul, we are ALL the essence of LOVE


Session 1:  Modern Day Shamanism – Grounding and Embodying Your Energy

This experiential workshop will allow you to “sense” and then “know” what it is you are feeling.  Grounding is foundation to any energy work, and it is the basis and foundations of Shamanic healing, reconnecting your energy back to yourself, whether in this life or other life-times.   There are rituals, ceremonies that assist people with re connection of their energy, and then there is the simple understanding and practise of Grounding.   When you truly know what this means, and experience what it feels like for you, then life becomes a flow of joy and ease.   Everything starts to make “sense” – we are sensory Beings, therefore we need to know how to read our inner compass (this is also incorporates reconnecting the energy of your inner child – your magic).    Come and feel the difference!

Session 2:  Moving into Your Multi-dimensional Self

Time follows Space…setting your personal energy and space for the day, breathing and aligning your values to ensure flow and magic in your life, raising the vibration wherever you move by just Being.  Watch your days unfold with effortlessness, where the Universe co-operates with you in a spontaneous and serendipitous way.   Using this simple breath and feeling technique to assist embedding harmony and balance back to you immediately in times of emergencies and challenging dynamics.   This is where you get to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of your Being, feeling the connection with your Soul, Higher Self, through simple exercises, you will experience the expansion of your Being.  Experiencing your “soul sounds” to help with your vibrational alignment to yourself and everyone and everything around you.

Session 3:  Shamanic Journey

Alyse will facilitate a Shamanic Journey where we honour Mother Earth, Father Sky, all the elements, and the 4 directions.  Assisted by the drum beat for your soul to journey into your inner universe and other dimensions, where you can connect with the Underworld to meet with your power animal or to the Upper world to connect with spirit guides to receive empowering messages of love and  healing for your soul, and recalibration for your body.  Realigning you to the beat of Mother Earth’s heart!