7am Saturday @ The Plains Firepit (near Teepee)

Experience the power and deep understanding as wisdom keepers from Native American traditions lead you through traditional Sweat lodge protocols.

Sweat Lodges is utilised to help in cleansing ourselves in every aspect of our lives, emotional, physical, mental and spiritually. This is a sacred healing ceremony brought to the Lakota people by White Buffalo and Calf Woman. The Sweat lodge has now been utilised by many people throughout the world an there have been changes made by those that have them. What I personally have experienced was a great awakening of reconnecting with my spirituality and this has helped in healing myself in my recover of alcoholism, for which I am very grateful for the sacred personal experiences I have had, and now sharing and encouraging others to also change their lives for the betterment. Hopefully they will take this and be inspired to transform themselves to be “Spiritual Beings”. I know we constantly have challenges in our lives, but we must have balance, harmony, unity which will lead us to Peace. The key for this happen is having the compassion to forgive ourselves first and towards others. This what we strive for to be “Hopi”. So take advantage of all that is positive and we will benefit humanity and all life throughout the world and Universe.

There will be two sessions on Saturday at 7.00am-8:30am and 7:30pm-9:00pm
Numbers are limited and will be treated as first come, first served, Bookings via Eventbrite