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Project Description


Xiuh Janiki Veeus (also known as Andria) is a young indigenous Mexcian ceremonial facilitator whose mission is to be a bridge for a cultural sharing between her two homes, Mexico and New Zealand.

Andria is a young mexican multi freelancer artist, natural healer and ceremonial facilitator who moved to Aotearoa, (NZ) at the age of 20 to do a Bachelor of Design, Major in Photography at Massey University.

Her passion has always being indigenous cultures, body movement and dance, ritual and ceremony.   Living in Toi Poneke since 2007, she started weaving strong connections with the tangata whenua and began to realize that she was lacking cultural identity.  Thus, maoritanga was the fire that sent her back to Mexico in search of her mexicayotl roots.  Since 2014 she has being traveling back to Mexico where she has been given the opportunity to live and learn from oral tradition and ceremony.   Guided by cultural leaders and the grandparents of the tradition she was intiated by receiving the medicine name of Xiuh Janiki Veeus.

Today, as a moon dancer with abuelita Tonalmitl she is responsable to carry with awareness the elements of fire, wáter, earth, wind and moon peace pipe to guide ceremony within the healing path for the broader community.   Today, her strength is received by facilitating Temazcalli ceremonies (mexica sweatlodge), Kinam toltec practice and a variety of Obsidian therapies.

She is also starting to seed the visión of xiwico which is the result of cultural sharing between Maori and Mexica cosmologies.

Email:  xiwico@hotmail.com

Website:  www.xiwico.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xiwico.co.nz/

Session 1 and 2: Kinam Toltec Practise

Ancient Mesoamerican Toltec practise to apply psychophysical strength in order to achieve mental, emotional, physical and social equilibrium.

Kinam is a nawatl word that comes from the root of the word kin which means the power to do.

Kinatia: to apply strength in order to achieve equilibrium.

Kiname: a person who is in equilibrium

Ancient people of Mesoamerica the Toltecs used to have many daily practices that helped them to achieve equilibrium and harmony within their minds, body, spirit, actions and surroundings.  These practices were focus on culture participation, food nutrition, meditation, dream work, hygiene, nagualism and physical exercises.  This last one;  called kinam by Colombian anthropologist, Franco Diaz is a practise that involves a series of psychophysical movements, breathing techniques and meditative positions more similar to those practiced in yoga and tai chi , that will help you to find equilibrium in your daily activities and emotional experiences.