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Project Description

Te Whare Rehia (the home of leisurely pursuits)

Wiremu is a leading exponent in the resurgence of Nga taonga Takaro (traditional Maori games\pastimes) who lives by the proverbial philosophy “Kia kawea tatou e te rehia,” (let us be swept away by the pursuit of fun. leisure and entertainment).

Wiremu invites you to explore te tuakiri o te tangata (the holistic self) through the medium of play and leisure.

Nga Taonga Takaro offers a unique insight into traditional Maori pedagogies that help to inform the Maori world view.  We will explore numerous games and activities that will challenge participants   a-tinana, a- hinengaro, a-ngakau, a-wairua (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Participants are guaranteed to learn something fun and new that they can take away and share on their life journeys.