The White Wall – ShEartH – NZ 2017-10-16T23:23:46+00:00

Project Description


The White Wall Kinetic Sculpture Ensemble newest project ShEartH is a call to Humanity to Undomesticate our Soul. Mapping the emotional landscape of the Earth. By creating performances in Nature expressing what we need and want so be expressed in the moment – by connecting our breath to the breath of the Earth. The White Wall relate – make connections – stories, poems, sculpture – in a moment – we breathe – we are still – we move … we keep moving…


Embracing the Global Family means Collaboration

Session 1:   Slow Body – Poetic Mind

Embracing the breath and slow creative body processes that puts us in touch with the poetic mind. The creative process of opening up to what wants to be expressed in that moment.   As we are all part of the creative process of life we are all creators ourselves. We will use exercises and tools to get in touch with our own inner creator – and the layers that holds us back. So that we can Undomesticate our Soul.  Suitable for all. Experience of being a human necessary.

Session 2:   Undomesticate Your Soul

Mapping the Emotional Landscape of the Earth.  Undomesticate our Soul.  Stimulate stillness to awaken the desire to listen.  This Life-activism.  Activating Life.


She breathes.  She is breathtaking.  It took my breath away.  It is breathtaking.  We breathe. Again.  Breath has a voice. Breath has a movement.


Sit on her connect with the membrane that is her diaphragm.  Connect it to yours.  Breathe together – let it soften.  The space you are in; what does she say – how you move it?


We create what wants to be created in that moment.  This piece/peace is about healing.  As we heal ourselves she is healed.  As she is wild, so are we.  What we hold, she holds.  Because we are her and she is Us.