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Project Description


Simone Vitale is a Sound Healer, Vocal Yoga Teacher and Musician originally from Rome, Italy and currently based in New Zealand.

With a background of many years as a musician and composer, Simone has dedicated the last 12 years to the deepening of his understanding of the healing qualities of sound and music. He earned a diploma in Integral Sound Healing with Tuning Forks (Sound Healing Academy) and a Vocal Yoga VY Teacher certificate (Vocal Yoga Institute).

Simone offers his own online Sound Healing Apprenticeship and has been sharing his work with both Sound Healing and Music internationally in Italy, Germany, Finland, Estonia, France, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and New Zealand.




Session 1: Healing the Sound

As Sound Healing is becoming increasingly popular by the day, we know very well what sound can do for us… But what can we do for sound? If we consider sound as an element, we can see how it forms its own layer on the Earth, the Phonosphere, which like all the other elements is undergoing significant stress. Let’s talk about how Sound Healing is reflecting the current pardigm shift and what we can do to support the process.

Session 2: The alchemy of sound and music

An instrumental musical journey into the depths of sonic alchemy. The technology of the music of the plants combined with strings instruments and vocal magic will create a resonance field of communion with the cosmic mind.