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Project Description


International Musician and Painter.

Didjeridoos, Drums, Rattles, Native Flutes, rocks, leaves and sticks form the fascinating ‘Quiver’ of this highly talented musician. Sika’s ability to engage with his audience creates a beautifully sacred space, where people dance or sit in meditation. His sounds are played with passion and exude a joy for life.

Utilizing electronic synths, Sika adds to the mix ambient soundscapes, live looping and beats, to create a timeless journey into Spirit.

Sika has been a musician for over twenty at festivals in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

He expresses a love for all people and shows a deep affinity with the land. His sounds enable us to experience different states of consciousness that bring deep relaxation, wellbeing and personal growth.

“A matrix of sound stripped of the last three thousand years, un-intrusive, gently visceral, humorous, masterful, spacious.”   – “Sika concerts & albums are Medicine for the heart” – “Merging ancient & contemporary music to journey into other worlds”



Embracing the Global Family means we are all one being with one purpose…to share what we have learnt. 

Session 1 and 2:   The Sound Journey

Connecting you to your Sources of Power

Laying down in relaxed meditation and surrender. Held in the gentle cocoon of sounds that remain timeless.  Ancient memories from earth’s prehistoric past come to the surface.

Close your eyes and experience the power of primordial sound from the Didjeridoo. Playing instruments from around the world, Sika will guide us on an Inner Journey.

Didjeridoo, Drum, Wooden & Clay Flutes, Ocarina, Rattles, shells, sticks, rocks, leaves and other gifts from nature, form the fascinating ‘Quiver’ of this highly versed musician and artist.   A  sonic experience as Sika plays his powerful instruments around the room and very close to your body. The vibrations are felt right inside.

Often people receive insight into the potential of what future lies ahead. Individual and collective Dreaming on a profound level, as you Journey into altered states of consciousness, feel healing energy and connect with your true Source of Power.

“Music and Sound alter your perception of reality. They are deeply Healing for the mind, body and spirit.” Sika


Session 3:  Eagle Dance By Claudia Quiroga & Sika Deer

A ceremonial dance inspired by the traditions of Rapa Nui and Marquesas Islands, in the Pacific.

The ‘Eagle Dance’ represents the spirit of the freedom. Today we want to represent all tribes from this world, by dancing the ancestral way, connecting with the fire and elements…to sing up the earth.