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Project Description


Sannyasi Pragyadhara trained extensively in India and Australia living with and learning from her Guru – Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. She completed a Masters in Yoga Psychology through Bihar Yoga Bharati, India, in 2005 and then was a Member of the Yoga Training Academy in Australia. She offers the practice of sacred fire ritual – Havan as a revival of an ancient Yogic science that help to rectify imbalances and create a positive field of health, healing and well being to all and the environment.


Session 1: Morning Sanskrit Mantras

Drawing on the power of sound through chanting mantra. Sanskrit mantras infuse the space and deepen your inner focus while you move, breathe, meditate and relax. Mantras connect us to the roots of the yogic lineage and awaken our innate intelligence, peaceful nature and capacity to connect with All That Is…

Session 2: The Fire of Transformation – Havan

Sacred Ecology – Harmonizing inner and outer worlds.  Experience this powerful way to transform and heal at all levels. Co create sacred ceremony through chanting mantras, making offerings from nature and enlivening your intentions/sankalpa for expansion and growth.  Mantra is the voice of the sacred earth and the medium through which the portal of connection with self and others opens.