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Project Description

Hailing from Ahipara New Zealand. Riqi Harawiras music is Maori fusion, an indigenous  infused blend of Spirit rock, reggae and alternative folk. An innovative hybrid of sounds from around the globe, songs that are globally conscious, thought provoking and will keep you bouncing to the rhythm and beat. Riqi writes from the heart and believes music has the power to heal and is a positive force for good. Through a unique combination of melodic lead guitar, vocals, loopstation and traditional Maori instruments (nga taonga puoro) riqi creates a sound that blends tradition with the modern world. Riqi is a thought provoking live force whose lyrics shine a light on some of the darkest issues that society faces, but with a positive spin.

Maori fusion artist, singer songwriter, guitarist Riqi Harawira is of Maori descent, Ngapuhi and Te Aupouri tribes. A survivor of state care. Music is his Rongoa (Medicine) and his way of healing and giving back. Mental health, addiction & abuse have been part of his journey, but his kaupapa through music and the campaigns he supports are about breaking the chains, re addressing the narrative, rewriting the story, continually finding ways to stay healthy and rising up through the guidelines of Maori culture. To play amazing gigs all over the world spreading messages of recovery, hope and self determination.

Session 1: Maori fusion music Through a unique combination of melodic lead rock guitar, vocals, loopstation and traditional Maori instruments (Nga taonga puoro), Riqi Performing live solo with Loop-station creates a modern sound blending traditional and contemporary indigenous Maori music with Spirit Rock, alt folk and reggae. A high energy thought provoking live force with music that is driven by the philosophies of traditional Maori tikanga from the South Pacific.