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Project Description


I travel to make offerings to The Pachamama (Mother Earth) and to share my knowledge about “the vision of the Cosmos” and Andean spirituality which came to me not through the reading or studying of books of such topics but from direct life experience since my childhood in my native land at 3,800 meters above sea level.

I was born in little town in Southern Peru called Azangaro, Puno, and I grew up listening to the spiritual knowledge of the Andes from the mouth of my parents and grandparents who sang and told stories and songs about the magical Andean world. The food for my spirit was to listen to the music of the flutes amongst colourful dances and great celebrations with offerings, prayers and sacred songs.  My passion for our native music took me to live in remote Andean communities high in the mountains where I learnt more about the different traditions and cultures and specially about the meaning of music in relation to rituals.

Like in many Peruvian families, I was baptized Catholic and later the journey of life I got to know other spiritual traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sufism. I also took part in ritual with power plants and masters who worked with Ayahuasca and Huachuma.

Getting to know about different manifestations of the Divine was like learning a different language to celebrate the same Unity, the one and all encompassing One.    The Andean way of thinking is diving deep in a magical world where everything is alive, where daily life is no longer ordinary but turns into a process of letting go of the idea that everything is separate from everything, where even objects are no longer just objects but something belonging to Spirit.

I live in Tucson, Arizona, USA where I work in my art and music and live creating ties with the Native-American culture, sharing our Andean knowledge and way of look at the world.   I offer my deepest appreciation to the Voices of Sacred Earth organisers for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge and the culture I belong to.

Email:  miamolina@yahoo.com

Miguel’s music (singer/songwriter) – Agua de Estrellas

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hykkRzfOcU

Session 1:  Andean Cosmovision

The bases for Andean spirituality : everything is alive and has it own “spirit”,  even the rock is alive and has its consciousness, divinity manifests itself by looking at the stars as well as the drop of rain which reveals to us the mystery of life”.

We explore how for our ancestors, the cosmos was divided into Uku Pacha, Kay Pacha and Hanan Pacha and their implications.

  • Sikuri: is a way to express the arts, the spirituality and the productive life of the Andean man.
  • Siku: is the musical instrument of the Sikuri and represents  duality as the beginning of everything that is and is composed by 2 parts:  Arca (Female )  / Ira (Male )

Session 2:  Despacho

A traditional ritual where Pachamama  or Mother Earth is honoured and recognized as the giver of life, material and spiritual.

We offer a “despacho” to give thanks, ask for forgiveness, ask for what we need, ask for healing, etc.


Session 3:   Cocamama and Medicine Songs

The Coca leaves are sacred and are the first medicine of the Andean man and it’s the bridge between Heaven and Earth.   It is a must in all ceremonies.