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Project Description


Recognising the potent metaphor of a seed and its dynamic transformation process, Makuini today appreciates her ancient roots as a gardener. Her life journey began in the natural and cultivated food gardens, forests, lakes, rivers, ocean of her papa-kainga (birth land, village). From there she went on to teach, cultivate and help grow the fertile minds of children in schools. This led to a deep interest in human potential and the emerging quantum science.

Makuini began to see parallels with korero purakau (origin tree stories and chants) that hold the whaka-papa (ances-tree) coded and stored within the seeds of REO – RICH EARTH ORATORY and remind us of our AROHA BIRTHRIGHT.

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Session 1:  R.E.O. Communications – Transforming Self Talk, Strengthening Heart Speak

REO resonates the Rich Earth Oratory of the Real Earth Oracle within us all.  REO proclaims your AROHA Birthright through Korero Purakau – Origin Tree Stories that confirm your heritage as a RA-NGA-TIRA – Radiant Light Being. (Aroha/Aloha/Love).  REO speaks from the higher ground, beyond the current scarcity and fear based speak that burdens the heart and increases dis-ease.  REO takes second language learning to a whole new level by engaging your heart speak using common sense techniques. Learn to speak fluent REO from day one.

Session 2: OHA – Open Hearted Abundance

OHA means prosperity, abundance. O = of, ha = breath/energy/life force.  Without breath there is no life.  AROHA = Love.  Breath is the ultimate gift of love.


AROHA is  Always Regenerating Open Hearted Abundance.  This session introduces HYPERSPEED GOLD a powerful new paradigm that combines Revenue Sharing + The Law Of Giving + The Power Of One through  Cooperative Regeneration & Renewal to transition humanity into the Golden Age of Open Hearted Abundance.