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Project Description


Helen Barnes is a Vibrational Sound Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Channel and Author who lives in open-hearted surrender , following her heart and walking a path of love and service.  She is divinely inspired and guided by spirit and channels the Language of Light as potent harmonic sounds carrying the codes of creation.  Her sounds are experienced as pure vibration.  The focus of Helen’s work at this time is embracing the new earth energies as we expand into the 5th Dimensional Hu-man Beings, that we all are.  And so it is!

Email:  helen@kolmysteries.com

Embracing the Global Family means Honouring and being the Truth that we are all ONE, connected in the one heart and consciously living this truth.  

Session 1:  Authentically, RADIANTLY YOU

Are you living in the fullness of your authentic, radiant self?  It is time for all awakened souls to step fully into alignment with the highest expression of multi-dimensional magnificence and be the change we came here to be.  Come along and receive potent Light Language activations to align you fully with your authentic, radiant self as LOVE incarnate.  Bathe in Helen’s channeled sacred harmonic sounds of creation and radiate the purity and truth of you from the inside out.

Session 2:  Sacred Resonance of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians believed that Djed (verbal articulation) was a powerful and sacred privilege for all.  A high science was practiced in the temples with chant and sacred instruments.  Come along and chant and sing (or just bathe in the sounds) as Helen channels these ancients sounds and Light Language frequencies taking you back to the magic of Temple life in Ancient Egypt.