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Project Description


Equine Pathfinders Foundation is a registered charity, making equine assisted growth and learning accessible to all.

Equine Pathfinders Foundation exists to improve the wellbeing and success of individual children, youth, adults, and families, and the larger communities where they live, play, and work.

Email:  alistair@equinepathfinders.org.nz

Website:  www.equinepathfinders.org.nz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Equine-Pathfinders-Foundation-855975024510253/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf 

Embracing the Global Family means relationship

Session 1:   Dancing with Horses

Horses — alive in the art, dreams, and ritual of many cultures across history and across the world, holding a natural attraction for so many of us. They carry the wisdom of the ancestors on their backs.  Come learn with them, share their secrets, and dance with them.

Session 2:  One with the Herd

A horse herd in its natural habitat is a model of community where everyone has their role and their importance.  Horses are connected to help the whole herd thrive and come alive.  Come experience this sense of connection and be One with the Herd.