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Project Description


Emma trained with the founder of this conscious connected breathing technique in 2007 and has been offering  breathwork to groups for the past 9 years. Litsa is a trained Reiki practitioner and over the last 15 years has intentionally experienced many breath centered techniques. Chewy is a gifted musician, who specialises in creating sacred soundscapes that enable you to journey deep.

Email:  emma.skellern@gmail.com
Website:  www.breathcircles.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emma.skellern

Embracing the Global Family mean we are all Life, in its many different expressions

Session 1:  Breath Circle with Sound Journey

The Breath is Life and offers us a simple yet powerful vehicle for transformation and inspiration.

This group session combines facilitated conscious connected breathwork with sound healing to take you where you have never gone before. “One of the most beautiful and conscious transformative experiences I have ever had.”