Claudia Quiroga – Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 2017-11-12T22:16:22+00:00

Project Description


Claudia is a professional Pacific Island dancer,  performing and teaching for 12 years, and lived on Easter Island for 13 years.  She danced in a professional  group of traditional dancers for 6 years, and it was here she started a connection with Polynesian dances.   Throughout her journey she has experienced and shared her love and passion for dance across the Pacific Islands.   Now she is sharing her dance with others representing the spirit of every Island in Polynesia  through dance.


Session 1 & 2: Introduction of Traditional Tahitian dance (Workshop)

Come and join us in this beautiful traditional Tahitian dance workshop. In our session you will learn the amazing movements and the beauty of every move shown through our hands and hips. Every movement representing the different elements of nature. Come and feel the Polynesian spirit with us!