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Project Description


Aidan Kelly aka The Aidan Kelly Project is a soulful 24-year old singer/songwriter with a highly contagious zest for life. His powerful music is driven by his passion for creating a positive change in the world. As a performer, Aidan feels it is his responsibility to use this platform to send out his message and encourage others to take positive action. Aidan’s mesmerising voice is a magical treasure he is always willing to share.

Aidan is also known as a Mushroom Guru with vast knowledge of this often neglected yet fascinating kingdom.



Session 1:  Homecultivation of Gourmet Mushrooms

This an introduction into the fascinating kingdom the funghi.  Mushroom Guru, Adian Kelly will take you on a unforgettable journey to learn about this uniqe species and the uses it can be applied to in order to create a cruelty free sustainable world.

Session 2:  The Aidan Kelly Project Live

Songs from Aidan Kelly