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Project Description


Adrienne is a facilitator in holistic inspiration and therapies for mental health and well being.

Including food and mood info, counselling, workshop info, re-orthomolecular clinical and functional nutrition for mental health recoveries, self discovery through art and creativity positive pathways with affirmations mindfulness meditations, foot massage, reflexology, metamorphic, muscle tension release, massage, holistic pulsing aromatherapy.

holistic inspiration and therapies

for mental< and wellbeing


Session 1:  On Ageing with Attitude

Can we grow younger, and live longer?   Adrienne Grace embraces letting go of social conditioning for a greater lease of life and service.  She determines to age gracefully. A natural healer and teacher and kaitiaki for the mother earth.   Her workshop is offered to all ages, young and growing younger in spirit and more wise.