Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere celebrates her life, by inviting you to remember, that as Celestial and Terrestrial Beings we are ONE with each other, and Papatuanuku / Earth Mother. May we all uphold the Spirit of Oneness, through walking on the New Threshold of Peace, Love, Joy and Truth. We are born Healers, who can help to heal our Beloved Earth Mother, Papatuanuku, a Mother, who has been violated in so many ways; so that She can return to the perfection that She is, in the Uppermost Heaven. My understanding is that the whole of Humanity/ Ngati Ra (the Living Breath of the Central Sun) will become ONE with each other, and the whole of Creation, by the Year 2038! May our Hearts vibrate as ONE with AROHA (the Presence and the Breath of the Divine Source …Unconditional, Infinite Love). So Be It!

About the presenter Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere