On Ageing with Attitude

On Ageing with Attitude by Adrienne Grace
Can we grow younger and live longer? I’d like us to have some surprise, to discover, to volunteer the “answers”, to know in our inner wisdom.

Hatha Flow Yoga

7am Saturday @ Lotus

A morning Hatha flow with Pragyadhara. A flowing blend of postures integrated with breath. Sun salutations with Sanskrit mantras to awaken and energize followed by pranayama and meditation. A complete yogic experience that will ignite a positive intention for the day and beyond.

About the presenter Sannyasi Pragyadhara

Qi Gong – Life Force Energy

9am Saturday @ Main Stage This workshop primarily look at developing sensitivity to Qi/Chi (life force energy)

Dancing with Horses

9am Saturday @ The Glade Horses — alive in the art, dreams, and ritual of many cultures across history and across the world


9am Saturday @ The Pagoda Alyse will share empowering exercises to assist you with an immediate deeper connection with Self.

Clowning Workshop

9am Saturday @ Yoga Shala This is an introduction to the art of clowning, based on the work of Jacques LeCoq

The Art of Earthwalking

9am Saturday @ The Glade Leanne is here to share her embodied understanding of what Life on Earth is about and how to make the most of the adventure it is designed to be.

Sound Journey to the Breath

9.30am Saturday @ Kahikatea Awaken with the gentle sounds of live North American flute, hang, mbira, didgeridoo and more, crafted by the talented Chewy Wilson into a wonderful healing soundscape.

Breaking Through the Ever-Lasting Human Trap

9.30am Saturday @ Shanti

Discover the one trap that mankind has been caught in for millennia – the one trap we must address if we are to create peace and progress on this planet – and the one trap that our political, financial and educational systems aren’t addressing at all.

About the presenter Mikal […]

Gilfs of the Star Nations – Part One

9.30am Saturday @ Teepee As we connect with those Christed Extra terrestrial races from the many Star Nations, expanding our “I Am ALL That I Am”

Walking Gently On The Face Of Our Mother

11am Saturday 12th @ The Glade

Communing with the wisdom and healing power of Nature – the Embodiment of Creator in Form.

The ancient, star seeded wisdoms of the shaman pave the way for a new marriage between humanity and nature, fulfilling once again our original role as caretakers of mother earth.The current evolutionary leap is for […]