Audience-at-MatuiEmma Skellern

9.30am Saturday @ Kahikatea

Awaken with the gentle sounds of live North American flute, hang, mbira, didgeridoo and more, crafted by the talented Chewy Wilson into a wonderful healing soundscape. Combine this with a guided breath journey by breathwork facilitators Emma Skellern and Litsa Katsoulis, interwoven with sacred song and chants and you are in for a real treat! The perfect way to start your festival workshop journey.

Litsa and Emma are your breath facilitators. Emma trained in rebirthing breath work in 2007, firstly with Sondra Ray in India then with the movement’s founder Leonard Orr in Poland. Followed by intensive training at his centre in Virginia, America. Litsa has been a trained Reiki practitioner since 1998 and for the last 15 years she has intentionally experienced many breath centred techniques these include the Buteyko Method, Remedial Breathing, Breathing Biofeedback and Pranayama. Chewy is your music facilitator, a multi-instrumentalist for over 15 years he merges musical modalities to craft sublime sound scales that bring you back to your Heart-Beat.

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