Project Description


Will worked as a Reiki Master and soon after he started channeling different, higher vibrational energies. Guided by the Elohim, Angelic beings and Ascended Masters his gift is to bring through high vibrational “healing modules”.  Assisting in releasing and transforming old energies and patterns from your body systems, healing physical issues and clearing past life traumas. The energy repairs, re-calibrates, harmonizes and balances on physical, emotional and spiritual level. The ultimate purpose is to activate your highest soul potential, to generate more awareness of your life purpose.  Visit for more info.

During “Healing Sound Journeys” he channels high frequency energy and “weaves” that into the sound waves of the Gong, Tibetan Bowls, Shaman Drum, Sansula and more.  The result is a deep cleansing and re-calibration of the energies in your body, on physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Will also facilitates “Sound Baths” where Tibetan bowls are placed on and around your body, for profound healing and relaxation. Always accompanied by Angelic beings and Ascended Masters.

Embracing the Global Family means Practise Unconditional Love for all beings on this Planet 


Session 1 (and 2):  Healing Sound Journey

A Journey into the deeper realms of our consciousness. Lay down and relax while listening to a Gong, Tibetan Bowls, Shaman Drum, Voice and other instruments. Journey with your inner child, your Spirit Guide and meet with your Power Animal. This journey is relaxing, healing and re-calibrating on physical, emotional and spiritual level.