Project Description


Venerable Gyalten Sengye is a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and and teaches Buddhist philosophy and meditation here at Kawai Purapura. He took refuge in the Dharma in 2007, and then later took ordination with his great Master and root Guru His Eminence Choden Rinpoche. He runs Awakening Vajra New Zealand, one of 8 centers globally that encompasses a integrated approach to wellness through combining Meditation, Study, Astrology and Feng Shui, Creativity and Complimentary Healing. He is passionate about peaceful activism and in raising the consciousness of the planet.

Session 1: Ingnite our Healing Wisdom from Within

In this workshop Gyalten Sengye will provide practical tools to help awaken and connect with the innate wisdom and healing qualities from within. These techniques can help us to find happiness and balance within our lives. With an ancient and powerful practice you will learn how to combine a simple yet profound meditation technique, combined with a Sacred Mantra and help unlock the essence of our true nature. May love and compassion light the way for all beings. Om mane padme hung

Session 2: Metta Meditation (Heart Opening Practice)

This simple, yet so profound guided mediation/practice, will open our hearts to loving kindness and compassion both for ourselves and for all beings. This in turns helps to dissolve away the blockages of negative emotions, and to help us connect with others, especially those that we struggle with most. When our hearts are closed, when we lack vulnerability we close ourselves down to all feelings, not just the negative ones but the the good ones too! Be aware that this practice can have far reaching effects of loving kindness and compassion to all beings! Much love and may you all have a wonderful sacred earth festival.