Project Description


Simone Vitale is a visionary musician, composer and sound healer whose work is dedicated to promoting an ecology of sound and music where kindness and mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

In his project “The Sound of Golden Light”, Simone is following the call for a more ethical approach to Art. His deep understanding of the effects of sound and music on the human body, mind and soul is offered to the higher purpose of contributing to a re-connection with Nature in a time when this is urgently needed.

Bridging the worlds of Art and Medicine, The Sound of Golden Light is presenting a transformational, uplifting and heart-opening musical experience grounded in a well researched and competent use of frequencies and harmony.


Embracing the Global Family is the way out of the current crumbling dream, towards a bright, sustainable creation based on trust and understanding.

Session 1:   The Healing Voice

In the Healing Voice workshop you will be able to open into the beauty and wonder that is present within you and your voice at all times. It is the most intimate and direct expression of your soul, and the balance and health of a personality is reflected in the sound of its voice.

This unique blend of Western and Eastern knowledge provides the perfect learning environment for all those who would like to enhance their self expression and discover new ways of using their voices.

Session 2:  Songs to the Universe

a collection of original songs and instrumental pieces with an uplifting and introspective quality.

Session 3:  Music Collaboration: Sound Medicine

Sharing soulful awakening songs, melodies and lullabies.  A beautiful sound journey which combines the music of plants.  Jaguar’s medicine songs and lullabies of the soul stars and music for meditation. /

By learning to open, strengthen and consciously guide our voice, we can create actual healing space for our bodies, minds, and emotions. We will look at the simplicity and the depth of what the voice and vocal work can give us.

Let’s come together and connect deeply with that which is essential within us, through a tool that is free and you always carry with you: your unique and beautiful very own voice.