Project Description


Some days my role as campaign manager for Coromandel Watchdog has me camped on the top of a drilling rig three hours walk into the forest, or facilitating community meetings with hundreds of people. Sometimes it means lobbying politicians or reading and writing lengthy documents – and everything in between. I love the variety of community based activism as it really shows us that everyone is valuable in different ways and that there is magic in working together for justice.



Embracing the Global Family means opening up, stepping out and joining forces.

Session 1:  Protecting the Coromandel from the gold mining industry

Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki is a grassroots organisation that has been working to protect the beautiful Coromandel from the toxic gold mining industry for over 35 years. From Moehau in the north to Te Aroha in the south the hills of the Coromandel are full with gold, and luckily with people who love their communities, lands and waters enough to protect them. Come learn about what is happening, how you can help and get inspired by the power of community activism.

Session 2:  The Fight of the Heart of the Amazon

Ruby shares her personal journey with the Munduruku Indigenous people who have lived along the Tapajós river for millennia. Their world views and customs are intertwined with a deep love and respect for the abundant forest and waterways they rely on. The Brazilian Government is planning to build 42 hydrodams in the Tapajós basin, flooding huge amounts of forests, multiple indigenous villages and destroying the Munduruku’s way of life.

The Munduruku have invited world wide organisations to support their campaign to prevent this happening and Ruby was lucky enough to stay in one of their villages in the heart of the Amazon as a Greenpeace volunteer. “The stories and fierce resolve the Munduruku shared with me is something it would be an honor to share with others.”