Project Description


Robert is an Australian born spiritual educator and facilitator with over forty years’ experience of learning, sharing and teaching which includes the international stage in several countries.  Robert has chosen to reside in Aotearoa because the Land spoke to him from his very first visit in the 1980s ~ and he considers this country to be his spiritual home; and in particular the Mackenzie Country area which encompasses Lake Ohau and Aoraki, Mt. Cook.

He is a music medicine man, totem animal wisdom sensitive, author, international public speaker and advanced healing and personal growth workshop presenter.   Robert is also a carrier of the Rainbow Serpent energy of reunion and reunification… and his work honours all walks and does not support victim or rescuer consciousness.

Robert’s continuing great privilege is to be a vessel through which Papatuanuku sometimes chooses to communicate Her wisdom.  Robert’s affirmed role is as nurturer, encourager and empowerer, supporting individuals along their own chosen pathway for their highest good.


Embracing the Global Family the rainbow serpent energy signifies nurturing and encouraging the formation of the Rainbow Tribe, the One Tribe ~ which is where we, as a collective humanity, must work towards… Honouring the union of male female within and humanity with each other as a whole.   

Session 1:  Sound Healing and Totem Animal Wisdom

An introduction to Totem Animal Wisdom and how to work with it, plus an introduction to the most powerful healing modality available on the Planet today, which combines the s acred use of music, creative self expression, storytelling and free form dance ~ and why this is so. Includes Crystal Singing Bowl attunement and a sharing, intuitively, with the strongest totem animal energy present with some members of the audience and what it represents.


Session 2:  From Deep in Papatuanuku to the Stars

The journey across forever…a sound based sacred wisdom journey that sacredly allows you to consciously experience the all-that-you-are, not just the being that looks back at you in the mirror each day.  Reconnecting deep into Gaia, and to the Star based adventurer and traveller that we all are.