Project Description


Riqi is a world music artist who fuses indigenous Maori music with Reggae, folk, rock and funk to create Maori fusion. An ambassador for his Maori culture, Riqi is known for his ability to make Maori culture accessible to all through his music. Riqi is a survivor of the foster care system and a sexual abuse survivior who does work in the community raising awareness around addiction, sexual and domestic violence. A human rights campaigner who brings a message of hope and inspiration to those who are suffering.

Floss is an Anti-domestic violence and anti-sexual violence campaigner. Floss is part of the 5 walkers in the MASsive hikoi team with Kelvin Davis who raise awareness around sexual violence through Hiko (marches) into schools and communities through NZ. As an advocate for woman and rangatahi getting back up on their feet again after severe violence, Floss believes in the principles of He tapa wha which she practices with groups through fitness, nutrition and self-esteem building.  Also as a personal trainer and an active guardian for children in foster care. Floss and Riqi have developed this programme to benefit all ages modelled on The Maori ideology of He Tapa Wha.



Session 1: He Tapa Wha – 4 Principles of Balanced Life

Riqi and Floss present He Tapa wha: The four principles to a balanced life workshop with Maori culture

What is He tapa wha?:   He tapa wha is the process of achieving balance with these four elements

Healthy wairua (spirit), healthy tinana (body), Healthy hinengaro (mind) and Healthy whanau (relationships) .

In the full day work shop we take people through the 4 principles of Balance.   In this, our shorter workshop we have developed for The Voices festival and other festivals we have a fun action packed hour of coming together with laughter , waiata (song) haka (war dance),traditional Maori games (titi torea, poi) and touching on Maori protocol and spirituality through (Karakia) prayer and sharing.   Our workshop is designed for all ages and Cultures

Floss and Riqi believe to have a balance in all these areas of life, mind, body, spirit and relationships is the only way we can truly live our life at our optimum and full potential.