Project Description


Raukura – Maori Medicine Woman is of Ngaitai (Tainui) and Ngati Hine decent.  She is a Natural Therapist, Rongoa Practitioner, ‘Kaha Ra’ Mirimiri Therapist, Celebrant, Teacher, Alchemist, Artist, Dancer and Beauty Therapist.

Raukura ‘s current life purpose it to share her gifts, talents and passions to empower others to reach their full potential in a balanced and holistic way through Rongoa, healthy living and connecting to their bliss.

Raukura is the founder of the Kaha Ra Centre of Rongoa & Holistic studies which manufactures an Organic / Vegan consciously created brand of Rongoa based holistic ‘We Love Rongoa’ healthcare and skincare products.  The Kaha Ra Centre of Rongoa & Holistic studies hosts and teaches a wide range of workshops that aim to raise the vibration of humanity and heal the planet on a collective level.

Raukura is a coordinator for the Ubuntu movement in Thames and a member of Wahine Toa – Native Medicine Women, a collective of indigenous practitioners from Aotearoa with the specific & unified intention of healing.



Embracing the Global Family means Igniting the cosmic web, sending Loving messages and healing directly from my heart to the heart of creation to bring back harmony, collaboration and co-operation to humanity, so that we may all live abundantly and flourish on this planet as we once did.

Session 1:  Rongoa – Maori Medicine Walk

Raukura will be sharing the power and wisdom of the native plants of Aotearoa.  She will take you on a small guided journey into the ngahere (native bush) and teach you how to identify some of the most common plants used in Maori medicine making and share their healing properties and any relevant stories/facts and spiritual essence of the plants. You will also get the opportunity to feel, sense and taste some of the stunning products from the We Love Rongoa – Organic Maori Healing Range.

Session 2:  Kaha Ra Mirimiri

Kaha Ra – means strong light. It is a deep and nurturing body therapy that supports the body to release cellular memory, raising its vibration and releasing that which no longer serves us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It combines traditional Maori Mirimiri massage with Romiromi, Wairuatanga (spirit), Te Whe (sound healing among various other elements,  connecting the recipient to the ancient and powerful Lemurian energy frequency.

In this session we will be learning the basics of Kaha Ra Mirimiri.  We will be journeying through a meditation to connect to our Lemurian Kaitiaki and activate ourselves to access their healing gifts.   I will teach you some release techniques and go through some te whe sounding practices to help initiate the language of light.

You will be working on one another, so either bring a partner or take the opportunity to connect with someone new and ignite the global family spirit of the festival.