Project Description


Rakshakaridevi Tilakasuta is a yogini that lives between New Zealand, India and Europe to share Vedic Dharma and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Meditation and Tantra received at the feet of her Venerable Master Swami Shankaratilaka, Rector of the Vaidika Pratisthanam – Orthodox Yoga School of the Saraswati Order –lineage of Adi Shankaracharya.

Rakshakari’s passion for Yoga and the Art of Living is unwavering and evidenced by the energy she brings in sharing the teachings she so gratefully received.
She’s also a highly experienced instructor having taught in many studios as well as facilitating retreats, workshops and conferences in India and in Europe.

Rakshakari brings in the purity of the teaching and the respect for the tradition, while adapting it to modern life and everyday challenges, as the core of spirituality lies in its actual living in one’s own life.

Session 1:  Vyayam Yoga

We will practice a unique meditational technique to acquire strength, confidence, focus, balance, serenity and grace.

Session 2:  Laya Yoga – The Yogic Art of Dying

Death without fear requires awareness of life. Many people fear death because of the unknown and because they have not practiced detachment and letting go throughout life. The process of dying is one of going from the known to the unknown, from light to dark and through to the light again.

Laya Yoga teaches the process of complete and utter dissolution of consciousness and absorption with “Shunya” the void, emptiness, space itself, pure vibration. The entire universe is like a symphony, “uni verse” means “one song” and to become a part of that great symphony at a purely vibration level means to let go of the gross vibration in this worldly life of corporeality and become one with the finer vibration of the cosmic realm.

Bless God for our death! We can experience meditation at least once a life!