Project Description


I am a global educator, and intuitive life coach, combining  many other modalities to support people, places, and creatures to continue their journey of being the best they can be, for themselves, so they can Live, Laugh and Love their moments. My passion is to see, feel, sense the smile go from head to toe inside and out and the joy that that brings to all living things.


Embracing the Global Family means expanding our Family Circle to Embrace our Global Family

Session 1:  Stress Busters for Everyday Living

Quick and easy ways to bring your Inside to the Outside

Connections to people, spaces, places can create overwhelment, anxiety, sadness and stress each and every day, of our lives. Learn quick and easy ways to navigate the ups and downs of each and every moment of your life easily and effortlessly so you can smile, giggle or ‘laugh at your antics’

Session 2:  Mind Body Connections

How does our mind effect our community of 50 trillion cells

A workshop with thoughts, feelings and practical actions, working with the effects of the mind on the body. Sense the changes effecting your environment on your inside and your outside. Join in a game, bridging the mind and body through play.