Project Description


Kimberley Jade Pipe is a Kinesiologist, Coach, Sound Therapist and Energetic Healer.  Kimberley’s passion for music lead her into DJ-ing, exploring sound, its healng benefits and dance meditations.  In 2014 Kimberley was guied to Great Barrier Island, a beautiful island in the Hauraki Gulf and began working with other practitioners to create healing retreats.  Using kinesiology, muscle testing and sound as a tool, Kimberley provides support in all areas of life.


Embracing the Global Family means co-creating peace on earth and each person living their purpose. 

Session 1:  DJ 432-Hertz Dance Meditation

432-Hertz is the frequency of our bio-energetic system, its all of life, it’s the vibration of nature and it raises our frequency. Join DJ Kimba Jade as she takes you on a dancing meditation of electronic music with earthy nature and worldly beats, starting with a guided meditation to create from the heart.  Accompanied by Nikki Sunbeam with Live Sound, Percussion, Crystal Singing Bowls and Drumming.  The intention is to create a conduit of healing heart energy to send out love to yourself, each other, Mother Earth and Father Sun – to assist with the healing of this planet.