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"Keith is in the realm of great New Zealand Storytellers like Sam Hunt and James K Baxter"

“Keith is in the realm of great New Zealand Storytellers like Sam Hunt and James K Baxter”

Keith Levy, Storyteller and Social Commentator is The Roaming Rhymester.  He tells Stories in Rhyme to adults and accompanies himself with guitar.

Based in New Zealand’s Northland area, he’s lived in his wonderful, internationally known Bedford Housebus ‘The Flying Tortoise’ for many years.  He’s available to tell his sometimes philosophical, inspirational, informative, entertaining, thought provoking, intriguing and even amusing original stories at community events, private dinner parties, house concerts, seminars. fund raising events, intimate gatherings or anywhere you might like a story told…Keith Levy, whoever he is, was born in Wellington, New Zealand and worked, lived and played there until he was asked to leave.

He’s fathered children, planted trees, built a house, written a story for film and published a book titled ‘How To Live Well On A Small Income’. He created New Zealand’s funniest range of handmade greeting cards for twenty years and was a successful blogger for many.

Keith lives the philosophies of Henry David Thoreau, Zen Buddhism and the Japanese Wabi-Sabi.

He’s The Roaming Rhymester, a social commentator, a traveller, a sun worshiper and a fisherman…

More information is available about The Roaming Rhymester by going to The New Zealand Guild of Storytellers where you’ll find reviews of recent performances by clicking on the word NOTICEBOARD.


Session 1:   Love, Life, and Reality

The Roaming Rhymester invites you to journey with him on a Road Less Travelled…

I will stand before you naked
The Storyteller said
My words are my garments
And it’s those I will shed.

You’re invited to come on a journey with me.
Perhaps on a road less travelled.
On our way there’ll be laughter
You may even find a tear in your eye.
You might discover some truths.
I will tell you no lie.

It’s my role said The Storyteller
To inform and explore
To inspire, to provoke
To engage. to enthuse
To intrigue, entertain
And hopefully amuse…