Project Description


Karen Hunter a.k.a Hunter de Luz is a musician, performance artist and facilitator with over 30 years of song creation, traveling, teaching and performing experience.   Primarily a guitarist and vocalist Karen, has a passion for all things stringed. In the last few years Karen has accompanied the likes of Matiu Te Huki, Redwood Reider, Tui Mamaki, Carlos Reigelhaupt, DJ Ria, Mama Yeva, Kailash Kokopele and others at the best NZ summer festivals.



Embracing the Global Family means In Lak’ech Ala K’in/I am you and you are me (traditional Mayan wisdom)

Sessions 1:  Sound Journey with Hunter de Luz

Soften the mind and dive deep, below the surface, with improvisational musical artist Hunter de Luz.