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From the clan  of the Kokopelli – flute player, seed carrier, messenger, bridge-maker between the tribes, cultures, Sound Medicine Man, Sound Healer and Sacred World Music producer.  Multi-instrumentalist, poet, and performance artist

Kokopelli is recognized as a cross-cultural bridge-maker, medicine person and humanitarian artist working with indigenous people around the planet.

As a world music producer, multi-instrumentalist and expert in Sound Medicine he offers his instruments as prayer tools and keys to initiate self-healing processes.

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Embracing the Global Family means there is only ONE of us here.  One heart, one breath, one spirit in many forms and emanations

Concert – Saturday, 25 March @ … Main Stage

Sound Medicine and Sacred World Music Concert

This shamanic sound medicine / healing concert offers sacred soundscapes to journey to source within where all healing power can be found.   A yoga of song and silence.   An inner journey on soundscapes of the Medicine Drum, Spirit Chants, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo and devotional heart songs around the Tritar or Worldstick – a magical string instrument crafted in golden means. Not just Chakras and Auric field purification but 72.000 Energy channels or Nadis are being cleansed for the pranic life force to flow strengthening health and vitality.   Clarity of body mind and spirit through the power of mantra meditation and sound medicine.

Session 1:  Kachimo Kailash Chi Movements

Kailash Chi Movements or Dragoyoga is a poetic fusion of healing chi movements from different traditions including Osho Divine Healing exercises and other Shamanic Chi Gong styles. Strengthening the vital force and collecting chi/prana/Mana through conscious breathing, visualizations and internal mantras- this meditative dance has a balancing, cleansing and energizing effect.

Session 2:  Sacred Songdances

Inspired by his Sundance experience of 7 years Kailash is guiding us to make every step a prayer – planting seeds of intention into the soil of our soul awakening a new chapter of awareness.  We are blessed for we can not just talk – we can sing!   And we can not just walk – we can dance!   Lets share this blessing dance!

Kailash has been studying with indigenous medicine people from age 17 and has participated in uncountable ceremonies and prayer-dances through which he was able the gather good medicine and merit. This experience he weaves into the SONGDANCES he teaches. Every step becomes a prayer. Planting seeds of intention.

Giving and receiving energy from sacred mother earth.  Learning to listen to the sacred heartbeat of life and the song of our heart – the compass for guidance to walk in beauty.  The simple trance inducing dance becomes a shamanic experience of great power when we melt into presence.