Project Description


Dancing to the beat of his own drum is a way of life for Jimi Dale. The self-employed African drumming and dance and pilates/yoga instructor has lived life to the full.  He has been teaching traditional African drumming and dance for nearly 20 years. Giving others the thrill of creating music for the first time is what keeps him teaching. “People are often really blown away by taking part in a workshop or watching a performance because they have never seen or done anything like it before.” “Creating music with a group of people has quite a powerful effect, it’s really something special.”

​Now into his 50s he travels the country holding workshops, doing performances, events and festivals, and teaches yoga and pilates regularly. He also works with groups of intellectually disabled children – they respond really well to drumming. “I love the interactive aspect of it. Everybody is able to join in no matter what their musical capability is.  “It’s a real feel-good thing. By the end of a class they know a song and a rhythm, maybe have a little bit of a dance. It’s a lot of fun.”

“Rhythm is the pulse of life if your heart is beating you can drum”


Session 1:  African Inspired Drumming

A workshop exploring African music and dance with a little Latin flavour.  Explore drumming and dance using the elements and finding ways of bringing us to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.  Learn simple drum patterns that when played together bring out the magic of rhythm.  No experience necessary.  If your heart is beating you can drum!

Jimi has been teaching African style hand drum courses in Auckland since 1995.  He plays with well- known drum and dance group TAMANI who have been performing with Mohamed Bangoura Master Drummer from Guinea West Africa. In his classes he focuses on how polyrhythm works and how to use rhythm to inspire your own ability to improvise Also we will explore some of the healing music and Rhythms of southern Africa taught by Chris Berry.


Tamani plays traditional and contemporary African drum and dance music.  Using Marimba, M’bira, Ngoni, Native American Flute, vocals and other instruments, they create their own eclectic style of world music.  Their music is based on the elements.  The songs and rhythms they play are guaranteed to make you groove!

Visit the website to watch a video of Jimi’s drumming group Tamani.