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Founder of The Women’s School, Women’s Health and Healing professional, Doula, Spiritual Pregnancy and Birth companion, Body Therapist, Educator, Medicine Woman, Writer, Artist, and Feminine Spiritual Mentor. Jaguar has been immersed in the world of the feminine psyche, body and soul; pregnancy; birth and feminine rites of passage around the world, bringing together a broad spectrum of knowledge and wisdom to pass on in individual and group formats. As part of the current awakening feminine she offers a holistic and comprehensive opportunity for women, couples and families to receive support, learning and guidance as well as creative inspirational tools and pathways.

Embracing the Global Family means Being deeply connected to our earth as One Tribe, feeling so many parts of the global family as my home and deeply interwoven within the very fabric of my Human Being 

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Session 1:  The Womens‘ School – Educational and Inspirational

A response to the current feminine awakening.  Powerful teachings for the body, heart, psyche and soul.

For women – opening the learning paths into our Feminine Rites of Passage, we enter deep into areas that have long been forgotten, that we carry in our bones. These pathways of courage are calling us home, one woman at a time, in alignment with the Earth’s heartbeat – birthing our souls essence in this life time. The Women’s School is dedicated to bringing womens’ knowledge and true feminine wisdom to all women wishing to reclaim our ancient and new feminine pathways – embodied body knowledge, empowered health tools, soul wisdom, healing, spiritual understandings and inspired stories – the Ways of the Feminine.

Session 2:  Sacred Pregnancy and Birth

Healing pathways for awakening times at the beginning of life.

A relevant topic for us all, as we have all been born.  Inspirational pathways for pregnancy, birth and healing birth trauma – meditations are accompanied with music. Holistic pregnancy and birth support, Rituals, ceremonies around pregnancy and birth. Birth as a deeply feminine spiritual pathway.

Session 3:  Music Collaboration: Sound Medicine

Sharing soulful awakening songs, melodies and lullabies.  A beautiful sound journey which combines the music of plants.  Jaguar’s medicine songs and lullabies of the soul stars and music for meditation.