Project Description


Pete made the change from an ordinary life working with computers to that of a new age/hippy festival junkie over 12 years ago, his newly awakened spiritual senses drew him to the interconnected communities of drumming, juggling and fire where he enjoys participating at all levels.   Although he builds some creative fire props he is a strong believer in people having fun safely and he is often in the background being “that safety guy” so his friends can perform without worries.   While he can’t juggle balls or clubs he discovered there are so many other circus props to play with, his favourite being  devil sticks.   At a recent NZ juggling festival he learned to move outside that square and start devil sticking with more familiar household items such as mops, brooms, squash rackets, walking sticks and even golf clubs.

While Jeanne is a nurse and a healer,  her big passion is teaching people.  She first started getting interested in circus because it could be used in diversional therapy for all types and ages of participants.  While an avid hand drummer who loves to get everyone drumming along, she will often put the drum aside and get up and dance to illustrate the beat the drummers are creating. As one of the creators of the “Havago Community Circus and Drumming Trust” she loves how it encourages participation for everybody.


Session 1:  Welcome to the Element of Fire

Come and experience supervised fire performing in the evenings of Friday and Saturday, where we will assess participants to experience the thrill of fire spinning in a safe environment and to their capability.

Session 2:  Juggling for Kids of All Sizes

An opportunity for everyone to come and Havago at juggling on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It’ll loads of wobbly  fun.