Project Description


Gus is a cultural catalyst, artist, educator, entrepreneur, publisher, and a producer.

Most recently he has joined a social enterprise/arts collective at “Te Henga Studios”, who’s mission is to uphold the principles of sustainable, harmonious living, creativity; and offer the wider community services that will enhance their experience of life through creative practices – art, fun, food, yoga, therapies, retreat, nature, creativity, education

As a Yoga teacher, massage and Reiki therapist, Gus combines his passion for art and dedication to wellbeing in running Yoga and Creativity workshops and retreats.

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Session 1:  Yoga and Creativity with Gus

Combining two powerful heart-opening activities in innovate ways. Deepen your creativity while you relax your body. Simple, guided creative exercises are designed to infuse the mind with peace, clarity and creativity. Participants will come out those sessions refreshed, inspired and hopefully with a new vision of where they are going and a new, kinder relationship to their body.

Session 2:   Poetry Workshop with Gus

A study of our belonging, our uniqueness and identity, told using our various ancient voices and adopted to our modern-day language, perceptions and expression. While examining some of the finest indigenous/sacred/spiritual verse from around the globe, participants are invited to respond in their own voice. Within a most supportive environment, where positive feedback is the only “rule”, series of simple exercises will provide a platform for participants to unleash their creative potential.