Project Description


Gabrielle is a passionate children’s educator as well as musician and wholefoods creator.  The Gaya Tree Yogi Cuisine has evolved out of Gabrielle’s passion for nutrient dense and visually appealing vegetarian food.  This cuisine is a lifestyle because of its innate ties with spiritual philosophies, and its ability to support the individual into physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Gabrielle is the founder of The Gaya Tree in Mangawhai. She completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the Auckland University Music School and holds an Education in Human Values diploma from the Sathya Sai Institute in Thailand.

Gabrielle’s vision is to inspire and encourage a sustainable way of living through The Gaya Tree organisation. This consists of an organic whole-foods business and workshops, music school, music and meditation group, and community service projects including free weekly meals for senior citizens and community gardens.

This year Gabrielle has introduced the ‘Sustainable Life and Education Programme’ to The Gaya Tree, a 3-day weekly programme which runs during school terms. The programme is based on the Steiner approach and integrates a yoga philosophy and environmental awareness to help children develop resilience and a capacity for self motivation. Gabrielle and her family have evolved The Gaya Tree’s facilities and outdoor classroom for children to provide a grounding natural atmosphere of inquisitive thinking, alertness and an overall peaceful attitude of mindfulness.


Session 1: My body is my Temple

Gabrielle will open a conversation about high nutrition for children of the coming age, inspiring children to respect their bodies as a temple.  Food samples will be offered in this interactive workshop/forum.