Project Description


Eve has been a student of Adi Da Samraj since she was 14 years old, and she is grateful to be able to live her learning in her work as a mother and a teacher. She is the principal of Timatanga Community School, a democratic school in West Auckland, and she has had many years of experience in serving children’s spiritual growth, and in creative and nature education. She helped to organise the “Connections hui”, a progressive education conference held in Auckland in October 2016.


Session 1:  Freedom in Childhood

Nurturing happy independence, feeling sensitivity, and spiritual awareness in children and young people.  This workshop explores the spiritual teachings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj on how to raise children to be truly independent and spiritually sustained. Eve will focus on his teaching about the three forms of intimacy that are essential to growth; intimacy with human beings, intimacy with nature and intimacy with the “Mystery”. She will share a range of practical and creative ways to support children to feel this intimacy as they grow up.