Project Description


Claudia is a professional Pacific Island dancer,  performing and teaching for 12 years, and lived on Easter Island for 13 years.  She danced in a professional  group of traditional dancers for 6 years, and it was here she started a connection with Polynesian dances.   Throughout her journey she has experienced and shared her love and passion for dance across the Pacific Islands.   Now she is sharing her dance with others representing the spirit of every Island in Polynesia  through dance.


Session 1:  Ancestral & Traditional Rapa Nui (Easter Is) Workshop

The workshop starts with an ancestral welcome, chanting with stones as an instrument, people will be involved as the way of ancestral times in Easter island.  People will feel connected in magical sounds and chants with the stones.  The second part of the workshop will be traditional dance, hook, where people will connect with the music in a magical way.   This workshop encourages people to feel connected with sounds and movements, expressing with their hands, hips and body representing ancestral legends through the music.  This is her journey of Easter Island.

Session 2:  Eagle Dance By Claudia Quiroga & Sika Deer

A ceremonial dance inspired by the traditions of Rapa Nui and Marquesas Islands, in the Pacific.

The ‘Eagle Dance’ represents the spirit of the freedom. Today we want to represent all tribes from this world, by dancing the ancestral way, connecting with the fire and elements…to sing up the earth.